Trust Aviation Training

At this point we begin to create our story, our flying adventure. Trust Aviation Training was established thanks to a passion, willingness to develop and the need to establish company providing trainings, job placement and consulting.

We wanted to create opportunities not available to that date on our market, and centered under the wings of one, professional company that are suitable and answer to the needs of the ever-growing market and an increasing number of customers. We do not limit only to the Polish market, we are working with partners from Europe and beyond, creating opportunities that match the development needs of our customers.

We provide high quality training for future pilots, thanks to a group of professional instructors and fully equipped classrooms prepared to ensure the most effective training within the current requirements of JAR-FCL.

Wide variety of courses begins with training from PPL through CPL, IR, multiengine training and then ending at the ATPL and ATPL (Frozen).

We also provide Type Rating trainings which are offered in cooperation with our partners.